Russian speaking programmist ASP.NET MVC4.5

Russian speaking programmist ASP.NET MVC4.5


Job Description

Task: Create web application for reading material Epub, FB2 . Absolutly no flash or Silverlight!!!
User choses file (PDF, WORD, Epub,FB2 ETC), uploads. After uploading application,must convert to EPUB! Extract Title, publisher, author and comments (may be additional fields), store it in database table. then users should be able to read this file online. Also user must be able to highlight any amount of text, save quotes, make comments, notations through popup menu (same as in see attachment)(all must be saved in database for future review ) Post any part of text on Facebook, vk etc... through popup menu.

: NHibernate
database: MySQL 5
Кодирование - UTF 8 general

Примеры: login virtotek pass 123456 login pass 928-884

Skills: mvc, pdf, facebook