SEO Marketing Software Upgrade

SEO Marketing Software Upgrade


Job Description

SEO Platform System

Currently I am using SEO Panel to track keyword positions. SEO Panel has some excellent tools but its keyword position tracking system does not work properly.

I have purchased several other options and I have narrowed it down to one. The link below is the option that works the best.

oUsername: admin
oPassword: admin

1.Expanded keyword tracking to the top 100.
2.User account system so that more than one site can be managed from a single user account.
3.Client Portal
a.View current reports
4.Add keyword positions for Bing and Yahoo
a.Add the ability to disable a search engine. This has to be done by site. It cannot be a global feature.
b.For example of a website only wants to track keywords for Google, Bing and Yahoo be disable.
5.Sorting features on all the tables.
6.Keyword Position export feature. This gives the user to export a keyword position report.
a.CVS and PDF
7.Proxy server settings.
a.This will let the software to use a proxy server to track keyword positions. This is a way to prevent the applications ip address from being blocked by Google, Bing and Yahoo.
b.The application developers claim they have added some techniques to prevent the search engines from blocking the application's ip address.
8.Currently the application tracks 2 keyword positions. We need to save that data for every time the Keyword cron is executed.
a.SEO Panel saves everything in the Mysql database. I have noticed that this cause application errors. We need to find a way to store large amount of data with breaking the application (XML files).
9.The ability to change when the Keyword Position reports are emailed to the website owner.
10.Re-brand website to match the site below.

Skills: marketing, yahoo, pdf