SEO Operating Procedure Document

SEO Operating Procedure Document


Job Description

An Experienced SEO Content Writer who has structured a standard operating procedure on how to write the ideal on-page content for Google.

We are looking for people who have already created this document before or have an exact understand of the high class performance required in building SEO landing page content.

The JEDI level needed for the winning applicant should go into:
- Researching for 'indsutry relevant' topic points (so not just talking about the same points over and over again)
- Building 1 or 2 links to extremely strong websites that are relevant to your site on each page and how to find them
- The structure for headings, h1's, h2's, etc
- Strategies around pull points in every page content
- Instead of keyword stuffing the page with a % talking about what is required to show Google what the page is for, etc.

There is also (naturally) the potential for you to work with one of the websites largest firms and long standing partners

We are not hear to talk about 3% keyword density or talk about putting 1 keyword in the header tag, etc. We need an excellent person to put together an amazing document and get the opportunity to work long term with an amazing team!

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