SaaS software support

SaaS software support


Job Description


We're a small SaaS company based in Sydney Australia. We have a SaaS product built in Ruby on Rails. We're looking for a team member to act as Level 1 support for our application.

Your core responsibilities:

- Answer customer queries within 20 minutes of their arrival (we manage using Zendesk).
- Providing intelligent support responses where possible, many support requests are for assistance setting up our application or related procedures.
- For technical requests, delegating the request to the correct member of our team (tech support levels 2 and 3).
- Having a sense of humour :).

Ideally we're after someone who knows some Ruby on Rails and doesn't mind helping for 5-6 hours a day with this task. It will be ad-hoc, in that you won't always be required to be logged in but merely to respond to emails as they arrive.


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