Seeking Concrete5 Designer / Developer (Full Time Possibly)

Seeking Concrete5 Designer / Developer (Full Time Possibly)


Job Description

Primary responsibility would be management and updates on single client which has several projects running.

The hope is that this person can function fairly independently as well as collaboratively with the client and the rest of the team nd preferably in Virginia, USA.

Project Management/Marketing Skills :

Communicate effectively with the client.
Manage and coordinate multiple efforts from the customer from multiple sources.
This would include both dealing with information sources within the client's company as well as dealing with external vendors for things like copywriting, photography, video or what ever else may be required.
Manage and handle online marketing efforts, strategy and planning. This role would play a large role in planning strategy in addition to the execution of the strategy.
Update incoming data on multiple websites as information comes in
Ability to learn and adapt to content management systems, Preferably Concrete5.
Manage team (or themselves) on development or cms module resource for special needs and new tasks from the client.
Travel - will likely need to visits client sites, meet with the primary client and managers at their facilities. Sites are all over Virginia.

Development/Design Skills :

We would like for the candidate to be able to do at least some development on their own. Our CMS of choice is Concrete5. Pre-existing knowledge of the platform would be ideal.

Understanding the CMS and how to use it effectively to manage the required content and solve different content challenges. This is knowledge that can be developed, but it would be required as they will be required of them.
Ability to create and apply themes to the CMS (this would require PHP, HTML/CSS/Javascript). This may not be a primary skill. We can possibly support this side with an alternate role.
Ability to create simple art or manipulation and rely completely on a designer or alternate developer.
Ability to design and lead front end development (ie.. Designer). This may not be as necessary, but interested if the candidate is capable of such efforts or has an eye/history of design experience

Skills: management, marketing, design