Senior Python developer

Senior Python developer


Job Description

Looking for an intelligent and motivated developer with strong Python skills to work on oDesk’s site.

For this job you will be required to develop new features and maintain existing code. You will also work as part of a larger, worldwide development team. Project will be managed by a team located in United States so you’ll need to be able to communicate in English.

Projects for this job will be developed collaboratively with other programmers, so you should be a good team player. You should also be able to work well without much direction (once the feature has been explained and understood).

You will be expected to work full time (30+ hours per week), but you may work in whatever schedule is best for you as long as you are available for sparse meetings and communicate well.

The application you'll be building and maintaing is written in the Flask framework though knowledge of that specific framework is not required upfront. You should be an expert in Python and know at-least one of the frameworks (Django, Flask etc.) as well as good knowledge of frontend languages like HTML(5), CSS(3) and Javascript (jQuery).

Skills Required:
> Python, Django - expert level
> HTML, CSS, JS - expert level
> English - good
> Version Control Systems, specifically git - fair

In your response, please answer the following question:

Write a simple function (in python or whatever language you prefer) that will take an argument (n) and return the square of it (so square(5) will return 25).

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