Server side work + static HTML5 page

Server side work + static HTML5 page


Job Description

This job is to take some data from an iPhone app (that is being handled by a different programmer) and receive it on the server, then create a static HTML5 page with that data.

Specifically the iPhone app will give the server a photo and an audio file, and I want the server to create a static HTML5 page that can play the sound on a mobile phone in response to a "touch" event from a multi-touch display (i think this describes it

So in the end, this app creates a photo that when you swipe on it, it plays the audio the user recorded. I want to build a feature that allows "user A" to share this out via a static link. User A sends the link to "user B." User B doesn't have the app, it brings him to the mobile web page where they can see the picture and swipe on the picture with audio. The audio plays on the iPhone or android.

This job includes coding the static HTML5 website.

1. I use JIRA for project tracking, and you'll have to log in to see project deliverables. You must be willing to log into the system and update your progress via this.
2. I require all work to be checked in at the end of any workday in which you will bill to me via SVN, which I will provide.

Skills: multi-touch

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