SharePoint/CRM/.NET Developer for Large Enterprise Portal

SharePoint/CRM/.NET Developer for Large Enterprise Portal


Job Description

Our company is looking for a development partner to develop an integrated portal for property management based on Microsoft technologies and .NET. The goal of the portal is to present a unified, all-encompassing portal for all of our clients and employees by providing a single service point for open, broad, and valuable two-way communication and collaboration platform.

The customer portal will give internal and external customers employees a one place stop for:
• Document management
• Reporting
• New customer starts ups
• Budgeting
• Board activities
• Business process workflows

As the foundation, the current customer portal utilizes SharePoint 2010 with integrated SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS) to automate client tasks, provide workflow for business processes, utilize document management, and establish reporting features for various company departments such as finance or accounts payable.

As part of this development effort, Dynamics CRM 2011 (existing on premise) will need to provide web-service based integration with our legacy ERP system to maintain customer accounts and contacts, as well as authenticate customer portal users with a custom security provider that is in scope for this development project.

The following functionality will be utilized out of the box:
1. Collaboration platform – for users to assign tasks to each other using functionality out of CRM and SharePoint.
2. Process management system – for separation of business processes out of the ERP using CRM and SharePoint.
3. Reporting – a separate data warehouse will provide SSRS reports via SSIS from information in the legacy ERP.
4. Content management system – Various users – customers, vendors and internal users will be able to access, upload and edit their documents as needed.

The following functionality will need to be developed:
1. Authentication through CRM/Custom Security provider - Users will authenticate against CRM using active directory (AD) or a custom security provider to be developed. The provider would need to consume data stored in CRM/custom security database, authenticate user into SharePoint and sustain a “token” with user details (community, access level, etc.) that would be picked up by portal components such as SSRS (to determine row-level security) or new web parts. Development scope – .NET custom security provider interfacing with CRM/SharePoint/custom SQL Server database.

2. Homeowner information module – This functionality will allow customer service representatives (CSR’s) and other internal users to effectively locate information about homeowners that call in to the system. This will be driven by integration with ERP using various web services between CRM and ERP. Development scope - .NET SharePoint application consuming an ERP web service (web service developed by ERP vendor), possible integration with SSRS.

3. Work order module – This functionality will allow CM’s, CSR’s homeowners and other users to create work orders for homeowners that call in with an issue, which would then be available for informational viewing and updating as needed. Upon completion, the work orders would be closed out and charged accordingly if required. Development scope - .NET SharePoint application consuming an ERP web service (web service developed by ERP vendor), possible integration with SSRS.

4. Purchase order approval module – This functionality involves moving the current ERP PO Approval application to the new customer portal application. In general, the PO approval process allows community managers to see and approve their outstanding purchase orders that are automatically imported into ERP by another process. The ability to see open purchase orders, be able to distribute them to GL accounts, post purchases orders to create vouchers for AP and run reports detailing what PO’s were approved is required. Development scope - .NET SharePoint application consuming an ERP web service (web service developed by ERP vendor), possible integration with SSRS.

Requirements (please do not contact if can’t fulfill ALL of these)
Must have 3+ years development experience in ALL of the following: Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, .NET app development consuming web services.
Must provide 3-5 references of completed projects, preferably of a scope lasting over 6 months.
Must be able to dedicate over 35 hours per week.
Must use Agile development methodology.

Desired qualifications (will be given preference)
Microsoft-certified/Partner (Silver/Gold).
A team of resources preferred.
Team using TFS (licensed) preferred to utilize our TFS 2012 installation for Agile development.

Skills: .net, microsoft-sharepoint, ssrs, agile