Smarty, php 4.1, osdate 1.1.7, mysql fixes needed

Smarty, php 4.1, osdate 1.1.7, mysql fixes needed


Job Description

I am looking for someone who can complete all of these within a day or two and start immediately, and have good smarty and php knowledge.

1.1. in admin/sendletter.php. images is not putting an image in the message, rather as an attatchment…the upload image is requiring a url…
2. On the homepage.tpl under the Search button put “How did u hear about us? Please answer one time.” Can copy the fields.setup in signup.php and add its own submit button (needs to go to admin panel statistics page- separately from the signup answers)- needs “Thank you!” after submit sent.
3. “send message” link should be at the top of showprofile.php if option is not checked “send messages through afd (if no, ….)?” on signup.php and edituser.php save “send meassage…?” checkbox onsignup.php and edituser.php isn’t working = disables “send message” link…
4. change bars..I have new pics of bars…the current bars have about 2 or 3 boxes to make up one bar…on logged in pages, and top bar with login fields
5. on searchmatch.php pictures should all be the same size –make sure they don’t look warped…and not small. managephotos isn’t uploading

Not paying hourly or upfront, because I have had too many time wasters, people that promise to work and don't... Milestone payments can be made.

It is very important that my company finds someone with good work ethic and who will be able to fix future problems as they arise as the webmaster on call in emergencies...someone smarter than average..

I have 3 more items-1 is a big change in payment setup--that will be needed after these in another job posting.
Thank you!

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