Stat Intensive Sports Social Networking Site (Node.js) + PhoneGAP App

Stat Intensive Sports Social Networking Site (Node.js) + PhoneGAP App


Job Description

Total Budget: $30,000 +- $10,000 depending on abilities

We are building a very stat intensive social networking/league management site. The purpose is to provide a platform for teams, leagues, an individuals to share their sporting achievements, statistics, and multimedia (including Live Streaming).

Auxilary functions:
- Affiliate Shopping sites
- Live Scorecards (so you need to know Redis)
- Localized ticket purchasing (eCommerce)

We have already completed the wireframes for the site in HotGloo and have created a huge repository of plans and notes about the site function in Both will be shared with you upon signing an NDA (attached).

Your team is a good candidate if it:
- Has built a fantasy sports site
- Has built a social networking site
- Has worked with sports statistics
- Has built a web facing API
- Has worked with Redis and other services
- Has worked with Live Streaming (esp from an iPhone)

You will also be coding iPhone and Android apps for this site (will focus mostly on Scorecard and Streaming capabilities). You can either use PhoneGAP or code it naively.

To apply please provide sites you've built along with some sample Node.js code and sample JS code. Both will be evaluated. If you have any repositories in GitHub even better. Also please sign the NDA.

Skills: management, sports