Sysops needed for server deployment

Sysops needed for server deployment


Job Description

Looking for someone with a specific skill set for server deployment:

•Using puppet set up staging and production instances with the following stack on RackSpaceSSL with wildcard certificate that works across subdomains
•Varnish or memcache
•Rails 3.2.x (with asset pipeline. i.e. static should be served by nginx or varnish or memcache)
•Ruby in RVM
•Postgres with hstore module (setup permissions and default database for ruby setup)
•Git deploys with capistrano scripts for starting, stoping server, running rake tasks.
•Document anything out of the ordinary and return all ssh keys and user credentials when set up.

If you fit the bill, let me know your experience and how it fits with our needs.

Skills: puppet, varnish