Telesales in the financial services industry

Telesales in the financial services industry


Job Description

I am doing exploratory research into outsourcing my call centre requirements. I am looking for high quality English speakers, to call Australians. The business model is acquiring leads, collecting data and transferring this information to our local office in Sydney. The product is in the financial services sector. People with financial services experience will be an advantage. We are initially looking to start a tests site with possibly 2 staff which if this proves successful the intention is to expand to at least 100 tele-marketers as the first stage in a program which will eventually grow to many more depending on the quality of services provided.

The coordinator will initially undergo training and act as one of the 2 tele-marketers and will have to offer management and HR skills as the centre expands. The individuals will have to have access to a computer and telephone. All training will be done by Skype and personal telephone interviews. The coordinator will ultimately be paid to manage others and will be paid accordingly.

Skills: outsourcing, english, training, management