Tides Prediction for Iphone(IOS Apple) and Android

Tides Prediction for Iphone(IOS Apple) and Android


Job Description

Tides Prediction for Iphone(IOS Apple) and Android

I need to create an smart phone application to do:

1) Build the Tide's Curve for each Ports by years (the data to create the curve is available over the Internet)

2) The user will select the port and the software will show the actual curve (comparing to date/time of the smartphone) and also the table (the same of the internet) that shows the port, time, number X (time), number Y (number), lat/long and phase of the moon. All data are updated every year (we are going to launch one version per year and the user don’t need to download it) . It will be locally in the smartphone. Don’t need to access the internet to use the software

http://xayin.com/tideplan.html#s00039 (TIDES NZ) (design of App)
https://itunes.apple.com/br/app/tide-times/id449869637?mt=8 (Color of curves)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tideandcurrent.app (Tides and Current) we just need the Tides curves.
https://itunes.apple.com/BR/app/id411992958?mt=8&affId=2157529 (curve screen has hour/data but forgot the moon phase and also if the tides is increasing or decreasing)
https://itunes.apple.com/br/app/shom-previsao-das-mares-2012/id543874691?mt=8 (Tides Curve with info of time and value on the same line)

a) Show the current tides curve (marked by a green block) and also show on the upper screen the current Tides (green box) , The next high/low and the next low/high. The difference from now in meters to the next high/low (delta symbols)
b) Option to mark future point on curve and also show next high and low, after and before the point. (the user can also move the mark)
c) Option to move the screen for the next days curves (until the end of the year) (and also before for the current year = total 365 days)
d) Option to mark daylight saving that will move one hour all the info in the curve
e) Clicking on the graph will show the table that generated it
f) When starting the software will ask: 1) Select Port 2) Find nearest port
g) Get all info about the ports (Lat/Long) plus data over the Internet
h) Option to get all info on this site for the next release in 2013 (like a robot to collect data in the pull down menu of the site to get info about the ports (lat/Long) + hour/meters to create the curves. This tool to import data does not belong to the client just for us to launch a new release.
h) Input data system. To input data for the client for the next years
i) Language File (to migrate to portugues for release)
k) The moon must be listed in each day according to the tides table info (that is also listed)

Skills: android-development, web-services, application-design, design