Translation of English to Norwegian about 90.000 words

Translation of English to Norwegian about 90.000 words


Job Description

Original English text has total of 90.000 words.
If you do not have time for 90.000 words in indicated timeframe, there is the option to split the project in half and contract 2 translators. If you would only be interested in a 45.000 words job start your proposal with \"BID ON 45.000 WORDS ONLY\"

Deadline: 8 weeks after awarding the job. About: January 27th 2013.

Translation to perform in online form optimized for efficient translation, which displays in one column the original English text and next to it a machine translation of the text (google translation which can be disabled optionally), which needs to be corrected and put in proper style. Form also gives you real-time information on words that have already be translated.
Screenshot of online translation form has been uploaded with Job Offer.

The text to translate is from the website (client reviews, testimonials, country descriptions, city descriptions etc.) and our new free language learning tool that will help people in your language to learn the most frequent words in English and other languages very effectively and at no costs. The translation does not require any knowledge of specific technical terms.
After completion of translations about 2 hours are required to revise about 10 URLs in which a small part of context-sensitive translations appear and to make sure that these context-sensitive translations are consistent.

To whom it may concern,
We look for a detail-oriented translator taking pride in delivering high quality translations. Translator needs to be a native speaker of the language in which to translate and must have an excellent knowledge of English. Expected quality of translation is high so that it is ready for publication on our website. Random parts of translated texts will be reviewed for quality monitoring by another native speaker.

The job is broken down into 4 milestones:
Milestone 1) 3628 words
Milestone 2) another 20.303 words => milestone deadline 31. december 2012
Milestone 3) another 30.162 words
Milestone 4) remaining 35.896 words

Translators are paid after each milestone completion. Each milestone will be escrowed upfront. Value of each milestone will be determined based on cost per word calculated as proposal bid for complete project divided by 90.000 words.
Your proposal bid should be for the complete project of 90.000 words not for milestones only.

We have an ongoing translation volume of about 50.000-100.000 words from English throughout the year. We will carefully evaluate translation quality after each milestone and if quality is very good would be interested to cooperate on longer-term basis with translator.

Skills: english

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