Update or Duplicate PHP script

Update or Duplicate PHP script


Job Description

I need a PHP programmer that can update or replicate the following script and add the new features that I am going to state below to it. You can find the script here :


The chosen person must be able to:

Create the app with clean coding for future updates in mind.

-Add 2 user levels to the script for now.

- User Levels are:

-- 1.Admin Level
Able to add new User and able to add items in the table
-- 2.Editor Level
Able to add items in the table but not able to add or delete users

-On the Status Column (last column of the table), when a company is displayed as reserved, the row will be a different color( Red for example)

-Display 100 companies per page and enable Admin to change the number of company display per page (eg: 50, 100, 150...)

-When Editor is entering the Jurisdiction, enable the Editor to set the jurisdiction row color because each Country in Jurisdiction section will be different color to differentiate them.


The chosen programmer will choose weather you will prefer to update the script and add the new features or duplicate the script while adding the features to it. Whichever method is easier for you to complete.

If you prefer to use a different language to complete the project let me know and explain why this method is better for you.

Serious programmers that know they can finish the work in time, apply only please