VMware vsphere vshield training & vcloud director

VMware vsphere vshield training & vcloud director


Job Description

Please read first:

Please do not apply if you simply have vsphere 5 experience. We have extensive knowledge regarding vsphere 5 and do not need anymore resources. We need a vcloud expert with significant knowledge of vshield. So I say, respectfully, if you need to google to find the information, please do not waste your own time and ours Thanks.

We are looking for a candidate that can simply show us how to implement vshield to allow isolation of virtual data centers.

You must be an expert or have significant skills in the following:

VMware vCloud
VMware vShield
vCloud Network and Security
Vmware Virtual Data Center

We require to setup virtual systems in isolation and provide access to these systems for external users but ensuring that external users can only see those resources they have access to.

You will be required to demonstrate to our staff the setup process and document the steps.

Skills: vmware, training