Job Description

We need a calling platform with latest softswitch or better method for VOIP.
Nettalk offer free US and Canada calling and unlimited calling to 60 countries for only $5/month. Please check them out. That’s what we want. Offering such low price. Download their App to see the feature.
( or something much simpler and better.
The App should work with all device (nokia, blackberry, android, apple, ipad, nook, etc)
Most importantly, the VoIP platform should also make it possible for people who have land line or don’t have the App to still call using pinless calling.
The call back feature should also be available. Some countries rely on this process to enjoy low rate calling.

Please just check nettalk and ivippei and combine all those features. It sooo simple to use.

So what do we want?
APP/Calling Platform
1. A calling App that looks like Nettalk in design and function with the added feature of video calling for up to 4 people, SMS, call waiting, voicemail, 3 way calling, top-up, tell a friend, post on social media (all post sent through our App should have the message “ sent through Volton media” after the message), settings where account could be deactivated, ringing tone selected from music on phone, volume, offline, help which will have our social media, feedback, FAQ, and contact us, etc. The payment options should again look like Nettalk with added options like PayPal, skrill, and other methods available for different territories.
2. Calling with the App should get rid of dialing access number, pin before calling dialing destination number. Instead it should be direct entering of the destination number.
3. If a customer does not have the App or is calling from a landline, it should be Pinless.
4. All calls to the US and Canada should be free like in Nettalk
5. The App should have the banner like in Nettalk but in this case we will upload the ad in our admin instead of using ppc from Google ads.
6. There are lists of 60 countries that enjoy low flat rate for unlimited calling. Check Nettalk web site for the list. They all have DIDs and I think that’s how they are able to enjoy such service but I’m not sure. We want to be able to offer such service too.
7. Free calling, video chat, SMS between Apps
8. The App should access the phone contact list, with the option to allow adding the contact list of any social account or email account.
9. It should have an option to disguise caller ID; meaning customer instead of blocking number could show up at the receiving end as any random non-working number.
10. The App should be able work over 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi, and use a system like ITunnel to work in area with Voip restriction like UAE.
11. It should use less bandwidth as compare to Skype and alike and the App should work on any device there is; like Android, PC, mac, iPad, iPhone, blackberry, nokia, nook, windows, etc.
1. The website should look GREAT and complete without broken links or errors. It should be extremely SEO friendly with site maps.
2. Sign up should only require name, number, country, user name, password, and language.
3. Customers should be able to sign up after downloading App on device, online and IVR.
4. The site will be for all the service we will provide (VOIP, IPTV) so it should be developed with that in mind.
5. The Admin should be user friendly, with easy upload of rate table in csv, set plans, and all the cool feature that come with A2billing.
6. There should be multi language for the site; mainly English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and, Arabic
1. The system should be compatible with all payment gateways there is; e.g., paysimple, PayPal, skrill, etc.
2. Customers should be able to recharge through the App like Nettalk, online, SMS, and IVR.
3. There will be pay as you go and uncommitted monthly plan, which will require a small monthly fee with access to lower calling rate.
1. The language for the IVR should be the one that the customer chooses during sign up.
2. English should be set as default if the customer selects no language.
3. The first option of the IVR should be “ enter your destination number”
4. The second option should be “ for more options press 1”
5. Then the other options could include, recharge, and sign up where first time customers who do not have an account with us or the App can save their number and card information. So in the future if they call the access number, the system will recognize their number and so they should not be asked to enter pin but still be able enter the destination number. They would also be able to recharge with the card on file.
6. Other option should include, the check balance, change or select a plan, cancel account.
7. Account updates should come in both emails, SMS, automated voice system. This will prompt balance, low credit, monthly bill due

Skills: voip, video, blackberry, ipad