Video site with livesteam-style functionality

Video site with livesteam-style functionality


Job Description

We are looking for a contractor to create a video site. All the design elements should be very basic. We will make it pretty once the framework is working well. From a user point of view, it works like this:

--Upon visiting the site, the user is met with a login area asking for a "channel name" and password. There is also a "Create a Channel" button, which leads the user to some simple account setup page. The account setup page should associate their new account with an email address.

--Once the user is logged in, the site loads the "account page." It should display the user's channel name at the top (this is the same as their account name). (It also displays the channel's unique URL. I'll get to what that is later on.) There are three tabs. The first is the "schedule programming" tab. The second is the "manage content" tab. The third is the "upload new content" tab.

--The "upload new content" tab works like this: There is a list of 5 fields where the user can upload a file from their computer. It should have a "browse" button so they can pick the file easily. The user should be able to upload any type of audio or video file (with the contractor placing priority on the more popular formats). There is also a second list of a different type of field. This list is below the first one, and each element accepts the link for a youtube embed(Ex: All the file upload fields and the youtube embed link fields have a second text field next to them, labeled "Show Title," This is basically an alias generated by the user to help them manage their content. At the bottom of the page is an "Upload All" button. When the user clicks "upload all", his content and aliases are saved and can be managed from the "manage content" tab.

--The "manage content" tab works like this: It displays a list of all the filenames and youtube embed links belonging to the user, indexed by show title. Beside each item is a text field with "Change Show Title:" in front of it. There is also a "Delete" checkbox next to each element. At the bottom of the page is a "Save All" button, which applies the show title name changes and deletes(if and only if the user has checked deletes or entered new show titles). The user can change a piece of content's show title as many times as they like.

--The schedule programming tab works like this: There is a single column spreadsheet that extends infinitely both up and down (just like in microsoft excel, where new rows are added as you scroll down). The spreadsheet is a calendar. We are looking for a calendar that is as similar to "google calendar" as possible, both in design and ease of use. Users add show instances to the calendar, and they appear as colored blocks. There is also a looping function. Message me for more about how the calendar works, if you're interested.

--At the top of a user's account page is displayed the channel name and unique channel URL. If anybody were to visit a user's unique channel URL, they would then be viewing that user's channel. It displays the name of the channel as a title, and has a flash player, playing whatever show instance is scheduled for that time. Everyone viewing the channel is viewing the exact same thing.


At this point, we are looking for a barebones design with solid functionality.

We eventually plan to upgrade the features significantly. Please keep in mind that the following things will have to be done later:

--Splash page with recommended channels.

--Facebook login

--Paid-for advertisements that play between shows. This will be done by slightly extending a show instance on the calendar. The extended period will be occupied by an advertisement.

--Functionality for "favoriting" a channel, which adds it to a user account's favorite channels list.


Skills: video, youtube, design

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