Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant


Job Description

I'm currently a real estate investor in the continental United States.

I'm looking for a virtual assistant that will do the following:

* Listen to phone messages of incoming leads and transcribe the messages
* Follow up leads via phone (skype) or email to obtain additional information about the property the client wishes to sell.
* Research the property in several databases (I will provide these) and create pdf's of reports to upload to my customer database
* Follow up with clients to make offer on properties (I will tell you what the offer amounts are after reviewing your research)

All candidates must have the following

* Very fluent in writing and speaking english
* Knowledge of excel, gmail, and general ability to use windows based software

Special consideration will be given to candidates that have prior experience in call centers phone support, cold calling,or with companies like Sprint, At&t, Verizon etc

I will provide scripts and training on all software and procedures.

I would prefer someone who could start fulltime at $2.00 an hour + commisions for the first few weeks and then move up from there.

Skills: research, pdf, english, gmail

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