Visual Basic programmer

Visual Basic programmer


Job Description

We are a printing company with an existing system written on VB. The software works, but is not very user friendly and requires additional functionality.

This job would involve up to a month of work at the beginning (although we are not in a rush) and then would no doubt involve ongoing maintenance as we tweak it.

We would supply you with the existing applications and a design of what we would like the new system to look like / have (we do not have the design yet, just notes). Currently the program is written so that anyone on it can access any information, however we would like to separate it a little to enable different levels of user authorisation. We would also like to adjust the menu pages so that it is more similar to an MYOB screen (map) rather than be driven by drop down menus as it is now.
We would like to reconfigure the database, and then clean up a few of the supporting applications as while they work - they are clunky and in places illogical/not user friendly.

Additional features that do not exist, but would be included in the initial work;
-adding a good crm system onto the database (including integration into Outlook)
-enabling the system to be split into multiple brands (currently we can run multiple brands but they are just differentiated by a code). We would like the program split so each brand and its crm and database etc are independent programs, but are mirror images of each other.
-to add order tracking to the program using bar code scanners. Currently we use scanners to scan new orders in (using barcodes we create) but we would like to add scanners at each stage of our production process so we can see exactly where every job is at any time.
-add extra reports to see exactly where the work is, and where there are any backlogs (part of barcode scanning system). i.e. improve our work in progress reporting
-it would be ideal if we could integrate this into Xero (accounting software). We do not currently use it however do want an integrated solution.
-we are getting websites built on umbraco, and while you do not need to be able to program using this, the software will need to take data from the sites. It currently does this, but in a different way.

Other points:
-Confidentiality is very important and we would require a confidentiality agreement signed (we are looking for a long term supplier)
-We have an existing supplier who has been with us for 10 years who is changing profession so he will be able to spend time with you (phone/skype) to understand his programming method (he is in NZ)
-the programs and updates would need to be easy for a layman to install as we may not be in the same city to you.

Please let me know if this sounds like something you can do, and if you have any questions.


Skills: design, myob