WHMCS/Google Checkout Recurring Subscription Module

WHMCS/Google Checkout Recurring Subscription Module


Job Description

I currently have a WHMCS instance running and I need to accept Google Checkout. However, at this time, WHMCS does not support the Google Checkout Recurring Billing/Subscription Feature of Google Checkout (which is still in "beta")

Google Checkout has recurring billing in a Beta State. It appears it will forever be in "beta" similar to how gmail was for years and years and years.

The API does support recurring billing and WHMCS has quite a bit of information on creating the payment gateway modules.

WHMCS Gateway Development Kit (Attached as: GatewayDevKit.zip)


Build Google Checkout Module for WHMCS with support for:
-- Indefinite Recurring Subscription Until Canceled
-- Callback from Google Checkout to WHMCS to inform that recurring payment was received for the associated order and to mark order as paid.
-- Automatic Termination of a service if Google Checkout sends a callback notice saying that the customer canceled the subscription.

Basically -- I need it to act the same way the paypal automatic subscription feature works presently with WHMCS.

Skills: billing

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