WP Specialty Slider Coder for Real Estate Wordpress Website

WP Specialty Slider Coder for Real Estate Wordpress Website


Job Description

Need a special slider that will pull elements in from another web page and create a slider from them. Unfortunately, those in India will be unable to work with my IDX, sorry. This is a challenging job and experience with real estate and IDX providers greatly appreciated. There is no existing sllider that I know of that can do this, it will have to be created.

Details: I need a specialty slider for beneath my animated banner in my Home Page to showcase the homes in our area that are foreclosures. The foreclosed homes (means the same as bank-owned) are contained in a url link which is an IDX providers search link. The search link lists the homes in a list vertically and I need a slider that will pull the photos and some text FROM that display and portray them in a slider on my home page. Here are the specifics:

The website is www.allisonjamesreo.com/bankowned
In which the following is i-framed: <iframe src="http://idxpro.cisdata.net/AR448134/Search/custom_link/?ss_id=5178850/" width="960" height="1600"></iframe>

and that iframed search creates results that appear on www.allisonjamesreo.com/bankowned

Now take the listings that appear on the iframed link

and pull in the images and some of the text into a slider. I would like the 20 highest priced foreclosures to be in this set. I would like to bypass any listing that does NOT contain a photo.

You have 966 pixel width to work with so I want the photo images to be at least 650 pixels wide and I want the text to the right of them to contain four lines justified within a 300 pixel space.

a) price
b) property address
c) sq ft, bdrms, baths
d) MLS Number
e) Courtesy of TMLS IDX (TM) - see the bankowned page for proper form of the IDX trademark

In addition to the slider, I would like some random selection of homes from the same link in slightly lower price ranges to appear as static photos and detail below this slider in a 3 coiumn table form using the same type of data as mentioned above only with smaller photos and much smaller font text.

You MUST be able to view these searches and web pages which means you will need to be in country where my IDX service has not blocked your access. So please start by telling me if you can see my searches and what do you see? And whether you have ever done specialty slider coding before and may I see samples?

Skills: banner, real-estate