We need a (simple) Android-application (conversion of existing iPhone app)

We need a (simple) Android-application (conversion of existing iPhone app)


Job Description

Hi there. We have an existing iPhone application. It's a legal application, English, and quite simple.

To give you an idea: there are three tabs: 'Introduction', 'Member States' and 'Get in touch'. We will provide you with full tab and menu structure. We can provide all graphics needed (so, if you're a developer, but not a designer - not to worry), and screenshots of the iPhone app.

There are no special concerns. The app should be able to: load pages with text, load webpages in frame (wrap), show video in frame (no external link, YouTube and/or Vimeo) and, but that's optional, get a feed of a twitter account and Facebook account. We can provide some example screens of the app, if you like.

Here's the catch: it's quite urgent. Our app is currently in review in the Apple App Store. We had developed an HTML 5 Webapp, but it doesn't function properly on all Android devices. Hence the last-minute freelance work :-). Idealiter it would be ready within a week/two weeks.

So, if you're interested, please let me know!

Thank you!

(In order for the project to be complete, the code must be function on a variety of devices and screen sizes and be bug/leak free).

Skills: android-development, android-sdk, iphone-development, mobile-application-development, application-design

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