Web Developer required to create Aggregator/Search Engine

Web Developer required to create Aggregator/Search Engine


Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity for programmers who genuinely thrive on creating something special with code and problem-solving and who are confident in their abilities to create a robust search engine.

The goal is to develop a search engine/aggregator that will crawl user profiles on specific sites (8 sites confirmed so far), extract and use specific data from these profiles to generate relevant search results and present the results in a uniform and unique manner. The sites to be crawled are fairly large containing an average of about 1 million user profiles, and the information needed from these user profiles are presented in different ways on the various sites.

Because of the originality of this project I am ideally looking for programmers who are well versed in the English language and have a logical/mathematical but pragmatic approach to search engine and algorithmic programming. Open communication on Skype is essential going forward with this project.

Skills: english