ASP.NET MVC Web Developer

ASP.NET MVC Web Developer


Job Description

Looking for skilled developer to convert an existing excel worksheet into a web form with a sql server backend. The deliverable is a very small ASP.Net MVC web application, including passing tests for the controller actions implemented, meeting the below objectives, to be deployed on a 2008 r2 server running IIS 7 + .net 4.5 . See the file attachment for a process flow and further detail.

Overview of objectives:

* Employees able to submit a request via a web page (See Sample Request Form in attached file)
* Upon submission of the data to notify relevant areas that a request has been submitted (i.e. email to be sent to relevant email distribution lists for approval or FYI)
* Ability to approve/disapprove with comments
* Integration into Excel for reporting (via a linked dataset / ODBC connection in Excel pointing to the SQL server data store)
* Ability to create new Positions and Rosters

Skills: microsoft-sql-server, mvc, .net

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