Web Scraper / Spider & Data comparison Expert Needed

Web Scraper / Spider & Data comparison Expert Needed


Job Description

Goal: In need of ongoing data extraction from a competitors eCommerce website. Data needed will be product titles, descriptions, prices and URL's.

1) Scrape up to 2500 products off of 300 ecommerce websites (websites will not change) and put all data collected into a CSV file.

2) Format the CSV file.

3) Compare the data collected against a master list of data to identify if any of the products collected have a price below a certain specific amount

4) Send the list of those webpages will products listed below the specified amount.

We have the green light develop this and need to work with an expect who can help us complete the job properly.

There a multiple approaches to this solution. And we know the solution will take time.

If you or you team have expertise in this area, we would like to discuss the project with you in more detail.

It is important that all candidates can speak and understand English.


Skills: data-collection