Web and Database Design and Integration for Real Estate Analysis Database

Web and Database Design and Integration for Real Estate Analysis Database


Job Description

We are looking for a Web/Database Developer to develop a piece of a website for our company. The primary thing that we need is a tool for the analysis of real estate properties and the project. You will find an attached document with a full description of the project needed. Currently we utilize webhostinghub.com for our web services. Through them, we are able to integrate with their mySQL database for this project. They also have several other features available including PHP and Perl. Additionally, they have a whole large list of other tools freely available to help with the website including Wordpress, Joomla(CMS), Gallery(Image Gallery), Dolphin(Social Networking), phpMyAdmin(DB Tools) and a whole lot of other tools for the same and other purposes(please see the attachment from webhostinghub.com for full list of what is available.
If selected, your first deliverable on this project will be to submit your proposed relational database structure for this setup to me. You will be paid for 20% of the contract price after receipt of this deliverable. The rest will come through the development and testing of the website and building of the database.
This is a somewhat complex project and we are looking for the right candidate to fill the position. If you feel you have the skills necessary to complete such a project, please apply. With your application, please include samples of your work and a brief idea of technologies you would need for this(as mentioned, we use our web host's servers, webhostinghub.com, so we would need to make sure that have available what we are looking to use),
Because it is required to put in a budget, I have put in a budget of $100, but please let me know an estimate of what you would charge for such a project. For a similar type project to what we are looking for, you may look at www.bigprofitfinder.com which will allow you to create a free trial user. Ours will be different, but will have a lot of similarities to that. Please also reference some of the sample pages and documents that I have uploaded for examples of the analysis. The Access database is something that I had started building previously as an example of this, but it is not complete, but just to be used as an example.
This will mostly be a project based job, though there will be some ongoing work that we will need done to maintain and support our several websites.

Skills: design, analysis

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