Website Content Writer ----- Teleservices Company---need experienced Marketing /Content writer.........

Website Content Writer ----- Teleservices Company---need experienced Marketing /Content writer.........


Job Description

Note: Read the attached word document for full job description, because it was to large for Odesk.

We are looking for a content writer that can take the lead or control of the layout of our new website. We are trying to add content to our new website and give a better understanding to our clients as well as future potential clients to what we do. We have an established brand that has over 15 years in the teleservices/ telemarketing industry. But with the changes we have done over the past few years we have not kept up with our website nor branding our business. We are looking for someone that can present our services in a new light. We want to show them(new clients) that we do have the understanding and know how that they want. Ninety percent of people reviewing websites never make it past the first page. We know we are losing a lot of business, because of our website and branding. We know that more than 90% of our business comes from referrals. We would like to present a more up to date website to obtain more clients.

The contractor must understand how people use teleservices. Our call center company specializes in the following areas of calling(see the list below). We would like to hire a content writer to explain how people use these services as well as how they can benefit from these services.

The contractor will be able to have a game plan on how to lay these services out and make it easy for clients to get around on the site. The contractor would help in coming up with ideas and content to improve the layout of the company’s website. The contractor will be able ask questions as well as do research in to how teleservices will help/benefit company’s grow and profit.

They will come up with a new layout for how the content of the website will flow and interact with the user. We are starting from scratch. The writer must be able to come up with a direction or a layout that will help people that are new to using teleservices as well as people that have used the service for years see the value in it. They will be able to keep the writer informed, entertained, and want them coming back to these services again and again.

We do have ideas of our own, but we are running into roadblocks. We are not sure how to take on this huge undertaking. We get lost or side tracked on how to get everything to work together. We know that there are professional marketers/writers that have the ability to come up with ideas and put those words on paper.

This person will understand why people or companies use the service as well as being able to write about it. The writer must have experience writing content that will draw them potential clients in, and make them realize why they need these services or why they should use these services. We will be redoing all our brochures and marketing information for a more efficient and effective product after the site is completed.

This is not us giving you content and you just rephrasing what we wrote. We need a true marketer that has experience in layout out websites, as well as creating a brand that people will remember with their writing style. The writer will give a new approach and direction to the website.

This is a starter list to what we do:

See attached file for the full list.

We will answer any question that the writer has on the content that we have provided. We will help the writer understand who and why people use these services. But the writer must be able to explain it in away that everyone will understand and market it that way. We are expecting the contractor to do the writing on their own for the website. You must be a writer that is able to be your own boss, keep deadlines, and do your own questioning and research, as well as take direction from us.

We know the future designing of our new website will use Drupal an open source CMS. So if the writer has worked with Drupal in the past then that is a real plus. When we take the layout and give it to a designer. The contractor must be able to proof future web pages as well as being able to work with the website designer until it is completed.

Note: Please submit proof that you have worked with call centers in the past and understand the industry. Also include in your application for the job, why you are a good fit for this job. Please include things on how you would approach this new design layout and give the site new life. Start on how the site would be laid out and the direction of how you would accomplish this. Also include in your application. (teleservices writer) If it is not in your response back, then you will be declined on the job. Also so I know you can follow directions and you interested in the job.

Note: All content will be owned by our company and copyrighted by us.

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