Website Design and SEO Sales Rep

Website Design and SEO Sales Rep


Job Description

Please read the job description thoroughly. There is no upfront payments on a commission based job. Please under the requirements!
We are looking for an experienced person to talk about our company and sell our services.

We need someone who can market and contact people who need web design, web development, marketing, graphic design and SEO services. I am looking for someone to sell the services not provide the services.

Your job will be to make the sell, sell our services to companies or individuals. Starting commission is 15% once you learn the ropes and show us you can do it your commission has a potential to grow. You set the stage for how much you can make there is no limits, unless you limit yourself! If you sell more than 10 -15 websites a month you will receive a bonus.
It will start out commission based, but can easily turn into a full time position where you are paid a set salary weekly if you prove that you are really a go-getter.
This can be a great way to make a good income if you can get a few sites a week, or even sell 30 sites a month.
Candidate must show prior sales experience in this field. Candidate must also sign 2 contracts a non compete and a non disclosure. I am requiring this because you will have access to my companies information, which you will only be allowed to use to solicit business for my company.
Please send your resume along with a note about why you are the ideal candidate for this position; any emails without this information will be deleted. You must speak English perfectly, you must understand it perfectly. Please note in order to make money you must make the sale. You will not make any money if you don't make any sales.
There is no reason why you should not make a minimum of $1000 per month!

Skills: design, marketing, english