Website, Logo, Banner and Popup Banner Design + Email database integration

Website, Logo, Banner and Popup Banner Design + Email database integration


Job Description

The website would have a "pay now" button and upon paying the persons details are to be transferred into a email database (email marketing software to be confirmed). Ideally some input on which email marketing software would be best to use.

So the pages we require are as follows, they are labelled and will b on th top menu as well...

1. Home Page

Signup/Pay now button as per above (this would go onto the right hand side of every single page)

I would require 2 parts to the blog. The other one described below

A. (MAIN PART OF HOME PAGE)General blog posts - this is where there are general posts made and these are then distributed onto our social media accounts - facebook, twitter, linkedin. We would also have videos in youtube to go into these blog posts.

2. Past Speakers/Events - This will have a drop down menu of the years and each year will have a menu (when hovered over) showing all the events for that year

3. Blog - this is the other part to the blog
B. (SMALL MODULE/WIDGET ON ALL PAGES)Monthly Event Blog - We run a monthly meeting and in this section we would like to have information about the next event, which after thgat event would then change. All previous event information to be kept for people to read if they choose to.

4. Photo's - This will be a bank of all the photo's that were taken for past events - using a simple plugin for wordpress for some sort of gallery would be really useful for this if there is one that exists. It would be ideal if the plugin showed the images in a monthly grouping with a label of the month below it as well as have a simple system at the back end to be able to upload th images and tag them/change folder name easily.

5. Testimonials - I would also like a page for testimonials, we will produce video testimonials and upload them to youtube and these can then be put onto this page in month order

6. About Us - A short boi about the event and the people whop run the event

7. Contact Us - A simple page with a form on for them to contact us and maybe our telephone contact details

We need this website to be designed fresh, proffessional with a nice fun element.

Our current website is too complex, we like the organe colour and would stick to that, however we want to bget rid of all the black in it and made the backend work seemlessly so that we do not hav to worry about the back end.

Technical bit about people booking in - when people pay for a ticket on paypal we would like their details to be put onto a database for that particular month - we would require name, email address and mobile number (optional). Also if they decide to purchase more then 1 ticket then we will require the name and email address of all the people who are coming to the event that they are buying tickets for. However we do not just want to pull this information off paypal as we have tried that and it doesn't work too well. We want them to have to put the information physically into the website before they pay for the tickets.

Once this information has been entered - name, email address and mobile number - to go into a list for attendees for that month and ALSO into the main database. IF possible we would like the option to STOP emails to be sent to people who have booked into the event for which we are sending the email.

Lastly once they book in and pay for the tickets via paypal we would like them to be sent an receipt automatically and for that receipt to be send to us/logged somewhere so we can use it for accounting purposes.

So as an example when we run an event in janruary, person A decides to book 3 tickets for themselves and their friends, 3 tickets in total. Person A goes to our website as they have received an email about the event and they select 3 tickets, they put in 3 peoples names, 3 email addresses and might put in 3 phone numbers. They then get directed to the paypal payment page, they make the payment and automatically get sent a invoice/receipt from us for the payment for the 3 tickets. The information of th names/email addresses are added to a list of attendees for january and then also added to the main database (IF they ar not already on the main database). While adding them to the main database they are tagged so say they are attending january's event and so they DO NOT receieve anymore emails about januarys event.

Hopefully this all makes sense.

Here are SOME examples of our competitors websites - Dynamic and changing, although the difficulty with this one is that you can't see the pay now button easily. - Professional and simple - to the point, however it lacks in being dynamic.

Skills: marketing, facebook, twitter, youtube, video, paypal, banner, design

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