Wed Developer - Philippines Only

Wed Developer - Philippines Only


Job Description

• Responsible for developing innovative, reusable Web-based tools for Captive Portal Networks that include Ad Serving. Must have strong skills in Java Script, Apache and PHP.
• We need someone with basic knowledge on Ruby on Rails but are familiar with iFrames, IAB Ad Creation inside the platform using Rails. Convert raw images and layouts from a graphic designer into CSS/XHTML themes. Be able to customize Captive Portals and Walled Gardens. Flash development would be an added bonus.
Communicate to the Project Manager with efficiency and accuracy any progress and/or delays.
• Engage in outside-the-box thinking to provide high value-of-service to clients.
• Be actively involved in and contribute regularly to the development community of our company CMS and AdServer.
• Develop innovative, reusable Web-based tools for activism and community building.
Help Build Necessary API’s to our Partner Solutions
Experience developing and implementing open source software projects including Ruby on Rails, Snort, Squid, Privoxy.
• Self-starter with strong self-management skills.
Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities.
• 1 to 2 years’ experience is welcome to apply

Skills: apache

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