Wholesale Dropship Manager/Business Setup and Maintenance

Wholesale Dropship Manager/Business Setup and Maintenance


Job Description

Looking for extensive experience in wide areas of affiliate marketing and drop shipping business management. Core needs is in developing/managing affiliate marketing programs and incorporating Social Media marketing into the campaign.

Looking for a manager that can develop and grow an online business through the affiliate, ppc, and social media marketing stream.

I am most interested in finding a product to buy at wholesale and then have it drop shipped to the customers home.

Example 1: Simple but effective website gets built with a couple/multiple products (vitamin supplement, small appliances, fragrances, etc. on the site. Once the product is purchased I take the order, and then send the order of names and addresses to supplier and have it drop shipped to customer while taking the profit. I buy wholesale, sell retail.

Basically, I am looking to use a website like this:

I am willing to pay for "pay per click" to get immediate business.

Also, your job is to manage this project from start to maintaining it. Be able to help me get started on doing some research on which products sell the best, and what is the easiest to sell online. I am looking for a NICHE market thought, I dont want to sell something with a huge market.

Skills: marketing, research, operations-management

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