Wordpress Developer for ongoing work

Wordpress Developer for ongoing work


Job Description

Hey All,

We are looking for a developer to work on our business site. We'll need a bit of custom work done on some plugins and ongoing additions as we come up with new stuff. Two main considerations are:

1) You must be familiar with affiliate plugins and how they work. We are in the middle of adding an affiliate plugin and we need you to hit the ground running. Please let me know what affiliate plugins you've used in the past.
2) You must be able to set up version control with github. Right now we have a development site, but no version control set up. One ofyour jobs will be to set up git hub to run with the site.

We have a couple days of work right now, and then it will be pretty sporadic. Probably one or two small tasks a week.

Please respond to the the two considerations above specificially. We won't accept generic applications.