Write 500 relative Twitter posts about SEO/Internet Marketing

Write 500 relative Twitter posts about SEO/Internet Marketing


Job Description

We want to start posting more frequently on twitter using hash tags #SEO, #internetmarketing, #marketing and other trending tags. We use ManageFlitter to pre-schedule posts so we want to write about 500 posts a month starting immediately. Can be delivered in a word doc (that is pre spell checked).

* Must use clean english, correct spelling, proper grammar & punctuation.
* Must have thorough understanding of SEO and Internet Marketing
* Must be able to find trending hash tags and write relative posts that people are going to like.
* Posts must fit in Twitter post field (character length restriction).

Use trending tags that will get us some attention such as #SEO and #Marketing, or any other tags you feel are relevant and trending/popular.

Can also plug our website www.dollarseoclub.com and our first viral video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P4k8GfUzdE

Can get ideas from other Twitter SEO related pages, use a slight sense of humor when appropriate, talk about Google Algo updates (panda, penguin), can talk about content quality, link diversity, all important SEO topics. Try to make posts a bold "statement" that other people will actually enjoy reading. Can also post interesting marketing related statistics, like "Interesting Fact: Did you know adding video to your website can increase conversions by 133%? #videoSEO #videoproduction" or something like that... Tons of ideas just be creative, slightly professional and very unique.

Looking to pay $100 per 500 posts. ($0.20 per post) - must be quality!

Skills: marketing, english, grammar, writing, twitter

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