Writer Wanted for Internet Freedom Organization

Writer Wanted for Internet Freedom Organization


Job Description

What we want?

Looking for a writer passionate about internet freedom and the rights of users and their data. The ideal candidate is one that can write thought provoking articles and blogs addressing these issues and fighting for our right to a free and open web.

Job Requirements

- Write detailed and thought provoking entries
- Make sure that all information is fact-based and helps the reader become more informed
- Must be able to express ideas in non-confusing ways and understandable by young readers
- Must have knowledge in the internet field and government oversight of the internet

Who should apply?

- Individuals interested in preserving the rights of users and their data
- Individuals worried about ownership rights or user rights
- Individuals that have a strong passion in writing to promote a cause

What to include when you apply?

- A resume is preferred
- An example of similar work is required
- A statement as to why you feel you are best for the position and why you want the position.

Additional Info

- Some entries may be listed on social media platforms as a way to engage users to visit the site for the full article. Therefore, an addition attention grabbing article 1-2 paragraphs long may be asked for in order to summarize the entry for use on social networks.
- This position is a long-term, as needed position. All writers will be compensated per article as they are needed.