XenApp in AWS (Amazon Web Services)

XenApp in AWS (Amazon Web Services)


Job Description

I am looking for a design that will accomplish the following:

1. This design must support up to 100 different users.

2. Each user must be able to access an application via the web using XenApp (or if you think it can be done a better way using something else, tell me). The application will probably be SecureCRT or it may even be Putty. I haven't decided yet.

3. Each user must have a unique and secure connection. That is, no one else can see their data and they need to be able to customize their app and then come back to it when they want to.

4. I will not require more than 2 concurrent sessions at one time on the server.

5. This solution should be hosted within AWS, I believe it is called EC2.

6. I would like to be able to publish more apps in the future if this initial idea takes off.

I am not looking for anyone to implement this.... yet. I would simply like the following:

1. A high level design that confirms this idea will work
2. The estimated cost involved of operating this environment (Microsoft and Citrix licensing, AWS fees, etc..)

If you are an expert in this field, I don't imagine this will take you long. I don't want a detailed design, simply confirmation, on a high level, that it will work. I would expect maybe a 200 word summary and then pricing information.

I then may discuss with you the cost of you actually getting this up and running for me so I can take over and administer it.

Skills: citrix, xen, cloud-computing