Zend Framework PHP MVC programmer to implement spec

Zend Framework PHP MVC programmer to implement spec


Job Description

Our Russian team dropped out and we need a replacement team or developer to implement the DADF 1.1 Zend REST interfaces according to the XML DADF 1.1 format at http://dadf.org

This is going to be a standard Zend Framework project with some MySQL schema creation, ORM and interface programming.

You must be familiar with Zend_Rest_Route, and how to use REST to do PUT, GET, POSTs in the standard REST request/response.

IE, you should not send a 500 code for a user input mistake, you should send a 400 class HTTP code, and you should know the difference. If you don't you will be weeded out in the vetting process.

We need you to start on this job right away, and you should finish a working DADF 1.1 framework implementation within a couple weeks. The model part of the MVC should not be defined except for some example code. The business logic is not provided by us.

You need to know how to accept and parse the DADF XML request and validate it against the XSD, then to log it to the database and pass it to the mock model code and create a well formed DADF XML response which is also validated with an XSD.

You will be building the client and the server parts of DADF 1.1

The code you write will be open sourced and available to everyone for free and you must agree to this as part of accepting the contract.

We are PHP and Java programmers by profession and we'll know if you're not suited to work on this, so keep that in mind when you're applying.

Skills: mvc