ZoHo - CRM Sales/ Broker/ Application

ZoHo - CRM Sales/ Broker/ Application


Job Description

We are looking to have a app created to manage my outbound marketing campaigns selling my clients assets. I am looking to manage my clients informaton as well as each asset of theirs and the marketing campaign that is being done for each seperate asset.

A - Be able to load prospect emails in batch format for each "asset" campaign.
B – Be able to load prospect phone numbers or fax numbers.
C - Be able to tag which prospect showed interest... red, yellow, green

2. Client Management
A – Load list of clients assets to be sold.
B – Dollar Amount Sold Thus Far
C – Commision Rate
D – Paypal Information
E – Escrow Account Information
F – Be able to prioritize the list of assets in order of sellability.
G – Client Contact information: Name / Phone / Cell / Email Address / Chat Handles / Skype /
Gchat / Aol / Yahoo/ MSN / Mailing Address

3. Individual Asset Data
A – Date campaign emailed launched
B – Date of each response, maybe manage conversations within system ( manually /
automatically based on unique ticketing system url ? )
C – Point of contact email, phone, person, spoken too
D – Call back time
E – Initial Asking Price / Open Ended
F – Bottom Line Price To Sell

H. Is it currently listed anywhere currently and for how much: Check boxes of a handful of online marketplaces. ebay, craigslist etc

4. Bulk Upload Data Population
A - Bulk Upload via excel / csv to populate a clients assets to their account with a set format.
B – Bulk upload each domain names data
C – Bulk Upload marketing data collected for marketing…. Emails,phone,fax,ect

5. User management
A – Be able to create, edit, manage & delete users login / upload abilities who are hired to do
datamining and preparing bulk marketing tasks… ie finding emails, phone numbers, fax numbers
and etc…
D – Master user account management for Admins and Sellers who will be able to see what

6. New Client Form & Portfolio File Upload
A - Collect client info...

Also I need someone who can help understand our needs as I am very good working with php and etc but no experience with slaesforce or zoho type crm software... Also must have skype and be able to talk to make sure we are on same page.

Skills: salesforce.com