Holistic (Web) Designer For A Social Networking Site

Holistic (Web) Designer For A Social Networking Site


Job Description

Designer needed for a massive project centred around creating a novel and niche social networking experience that can eventually grow to become UK's Number 1 Platform for all social endeavours within that niche.

Need an expert in databases, PHP, html, CSS, javascript, photoshop, api's in order to make this Social Network that will have such things as a fluid advanced Login and Signup system, that includes well encrypted passwords, well tested inputs that will mean coders can't just input their code into the site. Activity/News Feeds, Profiles, Upload capabilities, Post comment capabilities, content Like/comment capabilities, basic CMS to allow the users to change their profiles in terms of the layouts and their info. Friend add and remove systems. Working API's such as Google contacts, Yahoo contacts, Hotmail contacts and FB, that will allow the Social Network with the user's permission to email the users and their contacts and ask them to join up. All while seamlessly communicating with the databases. There are plenty of things, and I can't go through them all, as this will compromise my project in terms of disclosure.
I have plans written out and I am more than willing to have a good conversation about more of what the project entails.

This project requires someone who is obsessively good, and knows this, and you will be among the ones still reading this up to this point so I will address you directly; I need you to take on this project, not because of the money you stand to make, but for one; setting yourself a ridiculously high target, and what it will make of you to then achieve it, which I believe you will. I also want you to take on this project because of what it will mean to you to have been such a crucial part of the success of this project, and what fruits your labour will bring aside from money.

I say this often; "Function over form and quality over quantity" and I stand by these words. I do still want a beautiful design to the site, and will be willing to help with photoshop as I do my own bit of design too.

I like the number 1000 and it has significance to this project, but money is not its main significance, because believe me that is not an issue for me, and nor is it an issue paying way above what is necessary for what extra things are put in.

I would love to see your work and a little description about yourself just before we get to it!