Budget Creating Web App for Website

Budget Creating Web App for Website


Job Description

I need to have a spreadsheet-look alike app where users can go to the website and be able to build their own budget. This should feel like a widget and have a descent GUI. It should look like YNAB ( you need a budget) software. There will be a default template, but the user should be able to rename, add, delete categories and sub categories. The numbers

So basically the user enters their income, then their expenses and the program will reflect their monthly budget. When the user finishes entering all their figures they will click a button "I am done" and two things will happen:

All expenses will be displayed in a list under this widget or program in a set of tables from largest to smallest. All negative numbers would be formatted in bold red and all positive in bold green. Next to the chart there will be a pie chart that shows all the different categories their money goes to in different colors