Inventory Database Set Up

Inventory Database Set Up


Job Description

Looking for someone familiar with the ERPLY online Point of Sale & ERP system.

I have a juice & smoothie bar with about 30 recipes.

I need to have those recipes, ingredients, extras, etc transferred from a spreadsheet over to our ERPLY database.

The inventory and database needs to be populated with all our ingredients and split into groups such as "vegetables", "fruits", "Super Foods", "Supplements" and further categorised/tagged by suppliers.

Once the data is entered, then each recipe needs to be created from the ingredients within the database.

All of this information is already set up in Spreadsheets - it just needs to be adapted to the EPRLY system.


I have attached some images of the menus which shows all the recipes and ingredients so you can get an idea of the work that needs to be done.
The successful applicant will have the spreadsheets emailed to them to complete the job.

Good Luck

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