E-commerce site creation and maintenance - PREFERABLY in prestashop

E-commerce site creation and maintenance - PREFERABLY in prestashop


Job Description

This job is being reactivated today.

I need assistance to make this website UP and OPERATIONAL as soon as possible:


This is only the second in a series of ecommerce sites we are investing in. The problem is it is taking longer than expected.

We are using Google advertising heavily in the Philippines and I need a talented matching website creator in the team.

I created this website alone a year ago from scratch trying to learn bit by bit so now I need to delegate it to a more qualified contractor so I can devote my time in managing the sites rather than learning how to create such sites.


1. Design all needed banners and logos for the site using your own creativity.

2. Manage, Upload and update products to the ecommerce site from time to time. Identify and eliminate crashy troublesome plug-ins and modules. MAINTAIN SITE UPTIME 99%.

3. Manage orders and update the product prices and stock levels etc.

4. Make the site completely functional and ready to go for GLOBAL sales. Not just the Philippines.

5. It can also be another ecommerce site from scratch either in WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, DRUPAL or any CMS as long as it will be operational ASAP with thousands of products populated in the site.

6. Must know how to work with MYSQL databases using CSV UPLOAD to populate thousands of products in the site.

7. IT COULD BE A TEAM of contractors.
Contractor A takes care of the banner and logo design.
Cont. B takes care of the database management
Cont. C takes care of payment gateways and order management.

8. More importantly the candidate MUST BE ABLE TO:
email me some links of your your finished CMS ecommerce site projects WITH the following criteria present in the finished and OPERATIONAL ecommerce site of yours :

a. MUST BE an ecommerce site selling thousands of products with add to cart buttons and fully operational
b. with atleast a THOUSAND products uploaded by you via CSV UPLOAD
c. with My Account / Login links (must be database driven dynamic ecommerce sites / NOT JUST a few pages of static HTML sites)

Lets respect each others time.
No.8 Job Description is VERY IMPORTANT as I will use this as the SOLE basis to choose and hire you. I can accept full package lump sum payment deals to do the job with monthly retainer fee to MAINTAIN the site.

I have a little knowledge of Prestashop CMS but it is still not enough so I need somebody to fill in the gap for me since im too busy already with managing another ecommerce site.

This will be a series of e-commerce sites selling globally.
We are already operational at WWW.PRIVATEGIFTSMANILA.COM catering to Philippines alone for a few years. But this is only HTML based website and I want a CMS based dynamic site with database. And this time I want to sell globally using Google Adwords PPC.