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Magmi Expert


Job Description

We have deployed our own customized version of Magmi and are in need of some troubleshooting for the following tasks within our uploader:

1. Get uploader working -- Its on new server, Upon upload, the screen goes blank

1. Importing Attribute Values- How can I do that?

2. We are importing multiple product types and have all configured on the spreadsheet-- Why can I not select Type or Associated from the dropdown?

3. In my spreadsheet, I have the following Headers:

Customizeable: Yes or No Customizeable Type Customization Cost

Basically, on some of our items, we offer customization. I want if value yes is in Customizeble value, the system will create a text box with the value input in customizeable type attribute. For example, lets say in that field, that we have value: Enter Personalization , then that will be the value displayed above text box. If there is a value entered in customization cost, then that will be the cost for such customization.

Im open for other ways of this working, please let me know if you have any ideas