PHILIPPINES ONLY - Sales & Operations Focus - Full Time Ongoing Position 4 x Needed

PHILIPPINES ONLY - Sales & Operations Focus - Full Time Ongoing Position 4 x Needed


Job Description

Good Day,

Thank you for reading our open job vacancy.

My name is Scott Moore & and I am the owner of a small to medium business in Australia. I came across Odesk 6 months ago and since then have built up a team of staff that includes:
1. Temporary and Casual Task (contracts lasting under 1 day for small tasks)
2. Part-Time Contracts (tasks that can be completed in under 1 week)
3. Mid-Term Contracts (tasks that require 1-3mths to complete), and
4. Permanent Contracts (that are on-going)

The difference between us and most other contracts that you have:
1. Respect & Accountability
- We do not want a staff member who wants to "sit back" and work the hours they want to. Eg Log in and out whenever you like. We want a staff member to join us and want to be PART OF OUR COMPANY long term. Therefore, a person who wants not have a long term contract - however have a LONG TERM CAREER with a company that will help them grow & prosper. Therefore someone who wants to be ACCOUNTABLE for a portfolio that is dynamic, engaging and also challenging.

- Respect - We have saying/moto here at our company, THERE CAN BE NO SEPARATION BETWEEN A PERSON'S PERSONAL LIFE & THEIR EMPLOYMENT. This means, where you may have learnt to keep your personal life out of work, we do not agree. You are not a robot, you can not switch on/off your life. Therefore, if you have stress at home, it is realistic to assume that this stress can impact your work performance too. It is ignorant of us to assume otherwise. That is why in your application please clearly address why you are in a state of mind to fully commit to this position. That is, be honest with us, for example a recent staff member's husband had an accident, we told that person to not worry about us, but to be with and care for that person. We still paid the staff member for time off, as we know she is best to be with her husband than to be at work and worrying about the person she loves who is hurt. Also it means, she would not make mistakes therefore causing more issues at work - I hope this makes sense?

- We refuse to pay under $5.50 (inc Odesk fee) per hour.
- Minimum Wage for our Part, Mid & Permanent Staff = $5.50 per hour and
then once off a 1month induction = ranges between $7-15 per hour.
- There is a monthly opportunity to earn commission as well after your first
months induction (or extended in the circumstances where induction is
- We do our best to work in with you and your circumstances, eg taking
children to school etc
- Training - where you have the skill & the right attitude, we believe in
investing in our staff and will fund online training as required to help you
be more efficient & effective.
- We expect in return 100% communication and honest. If you are rostered on for a shift EG #am to #pm. And you are 30mins late and you have not contacted us in advance, you can expect that your contract could be terminated.
- We expect, that if you say you will have completed an assigned task, and YOU have said it will be done by XX time, then you are to have it done accordingly. Therefore, when YOU communicate deadlines, they must be realistic & achievable. If you foresee that you will not be able to MEET THE DEADLINE YOU ASSIGNED AND TOLD US, you are to communicate with us IMMEDIATELY, so we can adjust accordingly - OR we can help you by assigning you more helpers/resources to get it done quickly -OR we can help you by talking to suppliers/stakeholders that are holding you back from doing your role.

This first and foremost is a requirement that you must make mention of CLEARLY in the application you sent us. Be specific in your response. HOW will you track the deadlines YOU assign us to ensure YOU are on-track to being efficient & effective.

We currently have the unique opportunity for;
- EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE Coordinator with EXCEPTIONAL English Skills (written & verbal)
- EXCELLENT PC with EXCELLENT Internet - we understand drop outs occur - as a guide where they happen more than once a week, I am sorry this will possibily harm your employment with us.
- Able to work Mon to Sat anywhere from 8am to 10pm. Please clearly state in your email IF there are any times within these windows where you CAN NOT work. A Fulltime working week will be rosted as 5days x 8 hr shifts OR 6days x 8hr shifts. No employee is allowed to work more than 50hrs a week.

The Job
- You will be the product manager for one of 4 products/services I have in the HEALTH AND WELL BEING INDUSTRY
- You will be the SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT on it, eg. How and Where to order, managing stock levels, coordinating the website (not doing it but overseeing it) for that product, where my AUSTRALIAN team are busy, take inbound calls or call back prospects. This is an end-to-end role, therefore effective communication is a must.

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