Web Automation - Python/Selenium/Scala/Ruby preferred

Web Automation - Python/Selenium/Scala/Ruby preferred


Job Description

I would like to be able to run a script on my Linux server (cPanel is installed) that will auto-register to a certain social media website. I believe the registration form is in javascript, so Selenium may be required to handle it (or any other javascript processing).

Features/details I would need:

- Multi-threaded. I have a powerful server (32 GB RAM)

- Handle PUBLIC proxies (unreliable usually, so you have to account for errors happening)

- Use Hotmail emails (that I provide) to register with... you will then need to access POP3 on that email and confirm the account that we registered with

- Run 24/7 automatically... shouldn't ever need user actions

- Write all account details down in a table (read next step)

- Use/install a Bootstrap theme of my choice for the admin dashboard. I'll want account details and some other actions to be put on this dashboard. For now, I'll be the only user logging into this dashboard though. Will evolve this system to register on more websites later on.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me :). Thanks!

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