Need Banner Created for Social Networking Site

Need Banner Created for Social Networking Site


Job Description

I need a white banner created/ designed for the top page of my social networking site. It doesn't have to be totally white, it can be a shade of white.

I want it to kinda look like the banners you see with sites like twitter or instagram, but in white.

The banner needs to have the name of the site "gohubb" I will send you a design of the name design that need to be made smaller and put on the banner.

The banner also needs to have a spot for a user's fall name, a thumbnail of their photo, a home icon, a down arrow for notification, a notification icon, hover images if necessary, and a text input box for writing text and posting it like you might do with a tweet.

The interview will basically be you showing me your mockup design for the banner. Whoever impresses the most is who I'm going to hire.

I've attached an image of the page I roughly designed that the banner will go on top of. Please use this to help you with the mockup if desired.

I take this job seriously and hope you will too.

Edit: From the applicants received, maybe I wasn't making myself clear. I don't care about your portfolio, unless you have something specific to show me relevant to this task. The interview is a mockup banner (put a watermark on it for all I care).. So if you don't want to take the time to make a quick mock-up, you either don't believe in your work, or you don't want the job, so don't bother applying.


Skills: banner, twitter, design

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