Convert a .PUB file to a web form

Convert a .PUB file to a web form


Job Description

I have a MS publisher filer file that has 12 pages. It needs to be converted to web form with following requirements:

1) The user will login with their userID and password - They need to assured that this is a secure site so we need to add security icons and we will be using https.

2) Once they login then they will see this form which is paginated as per the .pub file. Each page has a heading

3) They can save and return back to the page where they left off.

4) They should not leave a page without saving it and if they do the changes are saved automatically.

5) Ability to upload documents as a separate section at the end for any supplemental information.

6) The entire thing needs to be saved to a database when they click Submit. An email needs to go to the attorney and also to the user that their application is submitted.

7) All questions are required*

8) It needs be added as a WordPress plugin to a WordPress site. This integration has to be done by the person who takes this project.

9) The solution should be a plugin that can installed on other WordPress sites as well.

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