Python/MySQL Web Developer

Python/MySQL Web Developer


Job Description

Hourly Rate: $10.00 - $20.00 per hour

Project Description:
We need a Python & MySQL expert for bug fixing and feature development on an online web-based detective game. This job involves writing code in Python, SQL, HTML and Javascript.

This is an existing product with a backlog of bugs and new features requested by our users. You'll work closely with us (the business owners) to improve the product and fix problems.

You must also accept doing a small test job to prove your skills and to see if we work well together... We'll pay for the test job.

General Requirements:
- You are an expert Python programmer
- You have experience troubleshooting performance issues on a large highly-accessed MySQL database
- You are comfortable editing existing HTML and javascript code
- You've worked with on a team with other developers in a professional context and have experience with related tools such as source control and task management software.
- You are comfortable reading and writing in English.

Bonus Qualifications:
- you have experience working with SVN source control
- You enjoy playing role playing games
- You are a fan of mystery fiction

- You didn't take the time to read the General Requirements
- You send me nothing but your copy and paste response that you send everyone else
- You do not have at least 100 hours of development work logged on oDesk
- You do not have at least 4.0 stars average rating

We need someone that can quickly get us started.