study help for little functional tasks in asp-mvc

study help for little functional tasks in asp-mvc


Job Description

I am a student needing help in .net C#, asp- mvc and ajax, js functionalities. Looking for a good developer who can not just code but also relatively simple, explain the code to me. I am willing to advance little jobs with fixed price of $20 per item/task.
The items/tasks i need to solve are the following:
-email from mvc (that works in a commercial webhost- i would provide logins and pw and domain name)
-password regeneration through automatic email letter
-write a dependency injection in a mvc app (with simple explanations of why)
-web socket with html5 that exemplifies small chat app
-implement a list of lists in mvc
-work with video in mvc app (uploading video by client that gets saved in folder while record of it goes in sql DB, with ability to see, recall and play that video later)
-make a web api task app (tba)
-make a signal R task app (tba)
-in a mvc app make list of ajax dropdown list with auto select connected to sql db
- and many other explain-some-functionalities mvc little jobs

For you, if you know your stuff, each task should take up to two/three hrs at most.
Your English should be reasonably OK and you should be able to explain some of the code- which i do not understand. The explanation should be more up to 20 minutes over Skype/GoToMeeting / per job.

We can start small and grow (later i will provide bigger tasks with way more generous payment) and this way I can also generously grade you so you can have the additional benefit of improving your Odesk profile grade.

This is a flexible, tutoring relationship type of project that may be ongoing to mutual benefit.