OpenERP 7 - Small Module Develpment

OpenERP 7 - Small Module Develpment


Job Description

We have a Python Script that generates something that we call a "control code", this script is a "stand alone" code. It uses 6 variables and give as result the "control code".

We need to implement this script into the account.invoice process from OpenERP 7 as a mean of verification.

The goal is as follows:

At the moment of validate the Invoice (only sale invoice) the "new module" uses the fields "Invoice date", "total amount", "Invoice number", and a new field called "NIT" (which has to be created). Inside the code we have 2 more variables needed for the Script to run.

When the users validates the invoice a field called "Control Code" is filled with the result of the "script".

We provide the script for the control code, for the work to be completed.

The project must be delivered in the form of an installable module for OpenERP 7.